2nd Pilot CultureFM Programme – 13th July 2012

On 25th May 2012 we run our 1st pilot CultureFM programme, which helped us identify issues and challenges in holding regular ‘shows’ on CultureFM. We’ve identified specific issues around (among others) user interaction, immersion, synchronous and asynchronous communication, length and frequency of shows, selection and preparation of content, pace and pauses of tweets and TJs’ familiarity with the particular technology.

On Friday 13th July 2012, we are running a 2nd pilot programme, which will assist us further in understanding those areas and the impact they have on both TJs’ and audiences’ perception and reception of CultureFM shows. There are also some technical issues that need ironing out, before we are able to run regular shows; we’re looking into them.

Our aim is to circulate a ‘Call for CultureFM shows and TJs’ early Autumn 2012, but do get in touch if you’d like to propose a show or suggest an institution or an individual (including yourself!) for a TJ. Also, any feedback and ideas on the CultureFM’s concept and operation would be very welcome. You can tweet us (our hashtag is #culturefm) and/or email us at culturefm2012@gmail.com.