CultureFM is an arts, culture and heritage ‘twitter station’; a twitter stream that in another life would have been a radio station! TweetJockeys (TJs), including archive, gallery, library and museum professionals, visitors, students, ‘character’ TJs and guest TJs, will be running regular CultureFM shows, tweeting about their day-to-day work, the lives of collections, behind-the-scenes secrets and much more.

CultureFM aims to create different ways of perceiving, using and interacting over Twitter and explore how this can enhance digital engagement in arts, cultural and heritage organisations (more about the research aims)

A pilot CultureFM programme has aired on 25th May 2012 with a number of twitter shows, including adventures into the vaults of Manchester’s Documentary Photographic Archives, an introduction to the sights and sounds of conservation processes, latest archive accessions, the top twenty geeky links about books and libraries and musical art tweeting.

Check out the CultureFM programme and some background of our TJs and their shows. All TJs will be tweeting from the CultureFM twitter station and each show will have its own hashtag. CultureFM shows will be storified in this blog, in case you’ve missed any of them or would like to revisit them.

CultureFM producers are Kostas Arvanitis (Centre for Museology and Institute for Cultural Practices, University of Manchester), Steve Devine (Manchester Museum and Whitworth Art Gallery), Dave Govier (Manchester Archives+), Martin Grimes (Manchester Art Gallery) and Sue Lawson (Manchester Libraries). Chiara Zuanni (PhD student at the Centre for Museology) and Katharine Sutton (Intern at Manchester Archives+) volunteer the much needed admin and research support.

Currently, we are looking for ideas for future CultureFM shows and TJs. A detailed ‘Call for @CultureFM shows and TJs’ will be circulated after the pilot tweetcasting of the 25th May, but do get in touch if you’d like to propose a show or suggest an institution or an individual (including yourself!) for a TJ.

We would appreciate very much any feedback about the pilot CultureFM programme of the 25th May 2012; please tweet us and use the hashtag #culturefm and/or email us at culturefm2012@gmail.com.